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InnovaMULSIN Productline

Our aim is to develop innovative vitamin products for daily needs. In doing so, we attach a special importance to our high quality food supplements.


In cooperation with our scientific partner, the Medical Enzyme Research Society, Germany, the innovative concept for vitamin emulsions has been further developed. The results are tastier vitamin A, E, D3 and K2 concentrates with a high quantity of vitamins in a liquid which in its composition is copying the structure of maternal milk. The OTC products are easy to use and fully bioavailable.

Unlike conventional vitamin products, the above mentioned emulsions of fat soluble vitamins are being resorbed via the intercellular lymphatic pathway, which guarantees 100% bioavailability. Natural ingredients like D3 out of sheep-wool and vitamin E from soja oil make this line of product an all natural and very special way to complete your vitamin dosage for the day.

Details regarding this line of products can be found in the download area under Product Information.