Nothing is as strong as an idea whose time has come

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About us

For more than 20 years, we have been appreciated partner of pharmaceutical wholesale, pharmacies, hospitals, paramedics and drugstores. In Austria and its surrounding countries we develop and distribute innovative medical devices, emergency equipment as well as drugs and OTC products.

We are international experts for medical devices, OTC products and life science applications. Our core competence is both, the analysis of trends and new developments in the areas of medicine, health and life science, and the successive development of marketable, high quality products and applications.

With passion and know-now we do develop own products and we do support entrepreneurs and creative minds in order to develop their ideas into marketable products.

As the case may be we thereby act either as innovator when developing own products, as distributor when taking distribution licenses for existing products, or as investor giving financial support when good ideas transform into even better products.

Key Success Factors

We do believe in integrated success and therefore we are proud to work with industry experts, scientists and research organizations. For improving our products and for the benefit of our customers we share our thoughts and we do have vivid exchange with the brightest heads; with both young wild and senior experts.

Our quality standards are set high, to ourselves and regarding the quality of your products. We leverage international know how in product development, and whenever possible, we also facilitate the use of European technology and European expertise.

Our products are produced and certified following the highest standards. Technical applications are typically rated as medical devices in their corresponding categories. Our OTC products may be rated as food supplements or dietary products or as drug. 


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