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Bite Away Productline

bite away® has revolutionized the treatment of insect bites introducing the revolutionary concept of local hyperthermia. Insect bites from mosquitos, bees, wasp, horsefly, etc. are hardly evitable during summer season. But the negative consequences of insect bites are.

bite away® ist a patented and CE certifies medical device for the symptomatic treatment of itching, pain, swelling etc. caused through insect bites and stings. If applied immediately after the event, symptoms may be fully avoided or marginalized. Even if applied some time after the event symtoms shall still be reduced significantly, thus reducing pain and recovery time.

bite away® uses a concentrated heat impulse without any chemical agents. The all natural medical device class 2a is therefore also usable for kids (self application +12years), pregnant women and persons suffering of contact allergies. 

Application & Principle of action

The use of heat (local hyperthermia) is a promising physical principle which is based on a concentrated heat impulse, since even a locally limited heat input may be sufficient to trigger symptom limiting reactions against itching, pain and swelling, of the human body.

If used immediately after the sting/bite, the symptoms can often be prevented completely, so treatment of the affected area should be carried out as soon as possible. The symptoms can also subside more quickly if the treatment is started later.

bite away® was developed is until today produced in Europe. The usage is very simple. The ceramic based contact plate is placed directly at the sting/bite. The device is then started pressing one of the two starting buttons. One triggering 3s ec. treatment, the other triggering 6 sec. treatment. The medical device delivers a fully automated heat impulse which destroys (denaturates) thermosensitive insect poison and suppresses the release of histamine. 

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